David J. Gardner is a Success Consultant in Toronto, Canada. For over 30 years he has helped businesses, individuals and diverse groups reach new levels of excellence, while enjoying the process!

    His Business/Life focused Goal-Setting workshops have engaged, inspired, entertained, and educated audiences from England, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, USA, Scotland, and Brazil. His international teaching, presenting, acting, and published writing backgrounds contribute to his ability to make powerful success concepts easy to understand and fun to achieve.

  • The Path to the 1st Professional JetPack

With high energy, pioneering content, humour, passion, and infectious enthusiasm, David provides groups with an enjoyable atmosphere where they learn paradigm-breaking new concepts, are equipped with new tools, and walk away with all they need to find new levels of success in their professional and personal lives!

His first book

'RESUME SUCCESS! Insider Secrets to Building the Resume Top Companies LOVE!' takes not only his own experience reviewing tens of thousands of resumes, but also over 600 years of present-day recruitment wisdom from recruiters at some of the top companies in North America and over 20 recruitment agencies.


David’s new book

'The Professional JetPack: How to Become a Superhuman Professional and Enjoy Work' is in editing and its powerful content is currently being rolled out in workshops, inspiration presentations, one-on-one coaching, and small team to organization-wide implementation.